Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Staycation are you in? Or are you out? I challenge you

I love cruising I took my first cruise when I was 7 and now at the ripe ol age of 28 I am a platinum cruiser. This probably stems from my great sense of travel and adventure. The want to see as many places as i can and experience as many cultures. well today and friday you are in luck two huge 3,500 passenger cruise ships are pulling into Santa Barbara right here in your own backyard.

There is nothing better then seeing new places, experiencing new things, and meeting new and interesting people that can enrich your life.

Today, tomorrow or even this weekend I challenge you to be a tourist in your own town. Pick your travel companion wisely we all know they can make it or break your experience.

Join someone's table for brunch and stay and all drink mimosas together
Ride the trolly all the way up state street offering to pay people's fares see how many friends you meet
Take a sunset cruise with someone who loves you with bubbles disposable camera and make a photo book
Go check out the rose garden sit and read a book,
Travel to the zoo on bikes pack a picnic lunch
Rent wheels on fun with your dog and stop at all the local tasting rooms,
Go ride the marry go round with your lover just for fun
Jump on the train and head to carpenteria for the day stop at the spot and island brewery
Eat oysters and beer at Brophys then walk out to the sandbank
Ride scooters down to brew house with your dog where there's a menu just for your four legged friend
Wear wigs downtown change your names to a popular show sex and the city say your from new york see how many people will notice

The ideas are endless watch back for posts on my staycation

For anyone who completes all these for all you ladies free peice of jewelry from www.ablondeandherbag.com and for all you men Carina's on me. Look forward to seeing how everyone does looking forward to seeing all the comments and new staycation ideas

Love a blonde and her bag plus 4 paws


  1. i loved reading this! living in sb is like living on permanent vaca! gotta loveeeeeee it! xoxo

  2. Thank you for the comment love what you girls are doing, just did a shoot with phillip also he is amazing